Erasmus Students

Choosing Lisbon to study, without doubt is one of the best decisions of your life. Apart from the weather, Lisbon has nearby beaches, cultural and leisure spots that can only enrich your experience. Here you can discover more about yourself, away from critical looks. But living in Lisbon without learning the Portuguese language will be a wasted opportunity.

Portuguese is a language that manifests itself through various musicians, writers and poets. Understanding them in the original version is unquestionably much more interesting. Being the future uncertain, you will never know if speaking this language will open doors on a professional level or contacts on a personal level.

The Language School ​​of Sardines wants to help you to fulfill the purpose of learning Portuguese, through special discounts in all our courses and also in private lessons. We have a dynamic team that will help you through this fascinating experience, with the use of an interactive whiteboard. You can also participate in our cultural and recreational activities. We count on you!

Prices of the Portuguese Language Courses

Just for Erasmus students in Lisbon

Portuguese Course (20 hours)

Half a level in intensive or extensive courses


Saturday Portuguese Course (30 hours)

Extensive course of 10 weeks


Portuguese Course (40 hours)

Intensive or extensive courses of 10 weeks


Portuguese Private Lessons (1 student)

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste

20€ p/hour

Portuguese Private Lessons (2 students)

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste

25€ p/hour

Portuguese Classes Calendar

Check the calendar of our Portuguese courses. You can integrate any of them, as long as there are free places. The maximum number of students is 5 per group. If the time or days do not suit your needs, you can make a suggestion. Maybe, who knows, we can open a Portuguese course that suits your availability.

Have you already studied Portuguese?

If you have already studied Portuguese, but you are not sure of your level, you can take a Portuguese level online test without any commitment. As soon as we can, your level test will be corrected and you will receive an email with our diagnosis. In case of doubt, you may be called to make an evaluation of your orality.