Learning Portuguese in Lisbon

We have a simple vision: 

Learn Portuguese in a relaxed and interactive way

The concept of learning together was born from how sardines live: in a community. Learning Portuguese alone can be challenging (and at times boring!). At Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas we want students to learn with teachers, but also with other students. When you learn a language it is essential to have knowledge of grammar, yet without practicing it will you be able to communicate? 

We are dedicated to teach Portuguese as a foreign language. We organize intensive courses of one or two weeks, which correspond to one level. We also organize extensive courses on Saturdays, for those who do not have availability during the week. For those who can not fit with in the dates and times of our courses, there is the option to take private lessons (possible for one or two students) and for those who can not come to Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas, we can provide classes via Skype.

We believe that learning can be more successful in a relaxed environment where everyone knows and is able to interact with each other. To contribute to a pleasant, communicative and relaxed environment, we provide free tea and coffee for all.

Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas methodology is student centered. Hence the limit of 5 students per class. This way the teachers can know better the abilities of individuals students and create a valuable experience in class. We encourage students to speak in class and practice what they learn. Don't be shy! We are all in this together!         

There is a common goal that unites us: that is to speak Portuguese. Learning together makes the experience more enjoyable. Doing this in the historic center of Lisbon is the perfect place. We are waiting for you. Do you accept the challenge?

Bruno Carvalho

The Founder

Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas

"There is a common goal that unites us: that is to speak Portuguese. Learning together makes the experience more enjoyable. Doing this in the historic center of Lisbon is the perfect place."

Learn Portuguese in Lisbon

The Escola das Sardinhas Language School works hard for the students to learn Portuguese in a natural and relaxed way, in the beautiful city of Lisbon. We use technology, like an interactive whiteboard, so that language learning is done in a natural and up-to-date way. Learning Portuguese can be a fascinating adventure!

Learn Portuguese Anywhere in the World

Today, with the new technologies, it is possible to communicate with people anywhere in the world, you don't have to be in Lisbon to learn Portuguese with the School of Languages of Sardines. It is enough to have two computers and communication can be made, as if distances cease to exist. All this technological revolution makes it possible to learn Portuguese in a comfortable way, in your home or office, and personalized, with private lessons through Skype. We no longer have an excuse for not doing what we know is necessary to improve our quality of life.

Learn Portuguese Grammar

Without a doubt, it is fundamental to learn Portuguese grammar so that we can speak in a correct and adequate way. Often the mother tongue Portuguese speakers themselves present flaws and shocking errors in the ears of those who know Portuguese well. Many students love to learn Portuguese grammar, but they find it difficult. This situation leads many people to prefer that classes focus on Portuguese grammar. There are even those who ask to take private lessons only for grammar. Many because of fear or insecurity. Yes, grammar can be scaring, even cause panic in those who think they will never be able to perceive it. It is not productive to explain it with complicated names. The secret is precisely to try to simplify it. Learning grammar does not necessarily have to be a painful process, but you have to study it and give it some time.

Learn Portuguese Culture

With private lessons it is possible to take specific courses focused on Portuguese culture. After knowing the mechanics of the Portuguese language and how it works, knowing its main norms, it can be of great personal enrichment to bet on private lessons of Portuguese culture. The themes can be suggested by the student or by the teacher: we can speak about Portuguese music, from fado to rock, gastronomy, which are our most popular dishes, sports, from football to roller hockey, politics, from politicians to parties, popular culture, from Portuguese tiles to Portuguese pavement, Portuguese literature and poetry, from classics to contemporaries, art or painting. In this way, not only a more in-depth knowledge about Portuguese culture is acquired, but also the possibility of applying acquired grammar knowledge and improving pronunciation.

Learn the History of Portugal

With private lessons it is also possible to focus solely on historical themes of Portugal. This type of class is great for anyone who really loves to know details about past events of the Portuguese. The beginning may be about the Lusitanian people, although the Portuguese language was not yet spoken at the time, but the events reveal a lot about the nation that later would be formed in this corner of Europe, which is not well known, and its end, when the Romans arrived. We prefer to believe that Europe begins in Portugal and ends in Russia, not the other way around. Portugal has the privilege of having lived through events that are very interesting to be known, in order to better understand our present. Each century has its interest and to understand the Portuguese well, and their patriotic pride, you have to know our rich history.

Learn Portuguese Phonetics

One of the biggest challenges for those who want to learn Portuguese is, unquestionably, Portuguese phonetics. The Portuguese language is very rich in sounds, with nasal sounds being the most difficult to learn, especially when those who try to speak Portuguese are not used to pronouncing sounds in this way. Intensive phonetic classes will greatly help those who have more difficulties with pronunciation and those who want to have a perfect pronunciation.

Learn Portuguese from a Specific Area

Sometimes we have the need, for professional reasons, to acquire Portuguese vocabulary about a specific area, from Tourism to journalism, or even from legal Portuguese. With private Portuguese lessons it is also possible to develop these skills. After a vocabulary immersion for specific purposes, we feel much more confident in the contact with clients and our professional performance will be much more efficient and rewarding.

Learn to Write in Portuguese

Nowadays, when there are automatic spell checkers, it is true that writing in Portuguese has become a bit easier. Even so, some people worry about writing good Portuguese. Writing well is not just about writing without mistakes, it is also important to have syntax knowledge. Students of Portuguese as a foreign language are often accustomed to different sentence structures and need to know where to place the adjectives, as there are semantic differences between "homem rico" and "rico homem". In this classes dictations are done, analysis of literary texts, written works and the reading of texts.

Why Should you learn Portuguese with us?

Whatever the purpose of learning the Portuguese language, we are here to help those who want it, with all our commitment and dedication, using technology and an interactive whiteboard. Helping all those who want to express themselves in Portuguese really fills our hearts and we do it with all our knowledge and energy. If you are reading this text it is because you want to learn or improve your Portuguese, or because you know someone who needs to learn Portuguese. To speak Portuguese is to gain another way of feeling everything that goes on around us, with its very particular characteristics. Being able to communicate with all those who speak it, without feeling excluded, is to learn more about ourselves and others, because of the differences. We may feel more complete. Living this experience will change lives, not just those who learn it, also those who teach it. 

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