Portuguese Private Lessons

Individual Portuguese classes for one or two students

Individual Portuguese lessons for one or two students are ideal if you feel that a group classes don't work for you for any reason, you have limited time available or you have a specific need which requires individual approach. With private classes, focus is given to what you consider most important to you: speaking, grammar, writing etc. In case you are not able to come to our school in Lisbon, you can have the classes online.

Private lessons are excellent for improving areas where you need help, whether it's preparing for a CIPLE, DIPLE or CAPLE exam, a job interview or your pronunciation of Portuguese. With private Portuguese lessons you will have the full attention of a teacher focused on you, and you can learn at your own pace, in the way you prefer and when you have time. 

Online Portuguese lessons

Online private Portuguese lessons are entirely focused on your goals and are customized to your needs. Tell us what are your needs and after we determine your level of Portuguese and work on building your confidence. You can always decide what is best for you at any time.

You can see our price list below. We also offer classes on Saturdays and Sundays. These prices already include registration fee. After first class there is no refund. We hope to be able to start classes with you soon.


One-to-one Portuguese lessons with a qualified teacher. Your teacher will prepare the classes after discussing your goals with you.




Two-to-one Portuguese lessons with a qualified teacher that will adapt to the needs of the two students. 



Packages of 10 hours

For private lessons packages with a minimum of 10 hours. These prices already include €100 of registration fee, non refundable after 1st class. 


1 -to-1