Portuguese Private Lessons in Lisbon or via Skype

One-to-one to Two-to-one Training

Individual Portuguese Training is designed for you (or for 2 students) if you feel that a group is not suitable, you have limited time available or you have a specific need which requires individual attention. A programme of individual tuition recognises that everyone is different, so the training content is entirely flexible to suit you. Lessons can be in Lisbon or via Skype. 

This course is best for improving particular areas you need help in, whether  it  is preparing you for an exam, job interview or working on your pronunciation. Portuguese private lessons provide you with the individual attention that you need so that you can learn at your own pace, in your own way and at a time that you choose.   

Skype Portuguese Lessons

Our Skype Portuguese Lessons are entirely based on your goals and are customized to your needs. Your Portuguese trainer will discuss your goals with you, will check your level of Portuguese, and will work on building your confidence in Portuguese. You can decide what time suits you better.  

For more information take a look at our prices below.

We hope you can start learning Portuguese with us soon. 


One-to-one Portuguese lessons with a qualified teacher. Your teacher will prepare the classes after discussing your goals with you.

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Two-to-one Portuguese lessons with a qualified teacher that will adapt to the needs of the two students. 

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Skype lessons

Get individual training with our Skype Portuguese lessons at a time that suits you - lessons are available throughout the day, including evening and weekends.

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Packages of 10 hours

For private lessons at school, skype or home* packages with a minimum of 10 hours. This prices already include €100 of registration fee, no refundable after 1st class. 

*travel expenses not included

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Special Offer