Extensive Portuguese Language Courses in Lisbon

The Extensive Portuguese Language Courses for Foreigners at the Language School of the Sardines, in Lisbon, occur 3 times a year, in 3 trimesters:

- from January to March;

- from April to June;

- from October to December.

Each trimester is independent and it is possible to do one level per trimester, and there is no obligation to attend the Language School of Sardines more than one quarter.

Apply for the Extensive Portuguese Language Courses in Lisbon

Enrollment in the Extensive Portuguese Language Courses taught at our facilities in Lisbon should occur until the beginning of the courses. If there is a place available, it is also possible to enroll in only half a level, corresponding to 20 hours of course.

Registration can be made at our premises, by email or here.

Duration of the Portuguese Courses in Lisbon and Timetables

The duration of an Extensive Portuguese Language Course is of 40 hours and corresponds to 1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If the enrollment is only for 20 hours, only the equivalent of half a level will be taught.

40 hours correspond to 11 or 12 weeks of classes (20 classes), depending on the holidays, and 20 hours correspond to 5 or 6 weeks of classes (10 classes).

Extensive Portuguese courses have 3 possible schedule:

- from 9:00 to 10:50 AM; from 11:00 AM. to 12:50 PM or from 6.45 to 8.45 PM

The classes take place twice a week: on Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and last 1 hour and 45 minutes each.

Training Methodology used in Portuguese Courses

The Language School of Sardines chooses to follow the new technologies and pedagogical tendencies. As the groups have a maximum of 5 students, it becomes easier and more frequent to interact with colleagues and teachers, this way allowing more communication in Portuguese.

During lessons, computer resources, interactive whiteboard, PowerPoint presentations, videos and audios are used to make the whole process of learning the Portuguese language dynamic and fun. The teacher becomes the moderator of the lesson, giving the students the possibility to participate frequently, explaining the Portuguese grammar and correcting whenever necessary. Without having the chance to speak Portuguese how can you learn it?

Prices and payment of the Portuguese Courses in Lisbon

The total value of 1 extensive course is 300 €, half of a course is 175 €. These amounts include the application fee, manual, examination and certificate.

Those enrolled in just 20 hours must pay the full amount of the course at the time of registration. Those enrolled in the course of 40 hours can pay in 3 times:

- € 100 at the time of registration;

- € 100 on the 1st day of classes;

- € 100 until the 15th of the following month.

You can pay with cash, bank transfer or credit card. 

Upcoming 40 Hour Extensive Courses

Portuguese Language Courses for Foreigners in Lisbon

A1 Level - 40 Hour Portuguese Extensive Course (10 weeks) Tuesdays and Thursdays

Schedule: 09:00-10:50

Start: 23 April End: 27 June


A2 Level - 40 Hour Portuguese Extensive Course (10 weeks) Mondays and Wednesdays

Schedule: 9:00-10:50

Start: 22 April End: 26 June


B2 Level - 40 Hour Portuguese Extensive Course (10 weeks) Mondays and Wednesdays 

Schedule: 18:45-20:45

Start: 22 April End: 26 June


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Have you already studied Portuguese?

If you have already studied Portuguese, but you are not sure of your level, you can take a Portuguese level online test without any commitment. As soon as we can, your level test will be corrected and you will receive an email with our diagnosis. In case of doubt, you may be called to make an evaluation of your orality.